Sunday, 24 March 2013

REVIEW: Favourite drugstore foundation featuring L’Oréal True Match

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As the title states, today's review will be on my *current* favourite foundation (*and I stress on 'current' because my favourites change constantly*). True Match by L’Oréal quickly gained a really good response from beauty bloggers and general makeup-wearers nation-wide. I will discuss the aspects I like and dislike from this foundation and WHY it is a current favourite of mine. Let's read its description first;

"Following research into the skin-tones of women from around the world, the L’Oréal Laboratories have developed a unique palette of 12 skin-true shades in L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation.
The result for L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation is a natural looking, skin-true colour without tide-marks and outstanding coverage without caking.
L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation has a micro-fine, creamy texture that contains 3 light, non-greasy oils. You can build up layers of L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation coverage for a made-to-measure finish.
L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation gives outstanding coverage without caking.  L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation conceals imperfections, without caking : its micro-fine, creamy texture blends perfectly with the skin's texture."

L’Oréal True Match, Golden Beige (W3) and Golden Natural (W4)
I decided to buy this foundation after reading and watching countless reviews. As any other foundation, I prefer to do my research before purchasing and my research mainly revolves around the shade range (there MUST be a yellow toned medium/light shade), the coverage (I don't bother buying a foundation with light coverage, I only buy light/medium to full coverage foundations) and price (I prefer not to buy anything too cheap or too expensive, the most expensive foundation I own is £32 and I don't think I'd go over £30 again as I find the more expensive foundations are based on the name of the brand instead of the quality of the foundation). I was pleased with the price tag of this foundation (£10.29, and I believe it's even cheaper in the US) and that the shades were split into W (warm undertones - yellow, orange), N (neutral undertones - a mixture of yellow and pink) and C (cool undertones - pink) so there's a shade for everyone. If you have dark skin it will be difficult to find a perfect shade as this foundations doesn't run too dark which is a shame, and typical of a drugstore foundation. I initially bought the shade W3 but quickly noticed that it was a tad too light for me and it ran slightly pink which disappointed me so I went and purchased W4. I would say W3 = NC20 and W4 = NC25/NC30
Top: W3 Bottom: W4

The texture of this foundation is very, very runny (liquidy) and very thin, initially I thought this might cause less coverage then I'd hoped but I quickly learnt that that was not the case at all. The foundation blends like a dream and gives medium coverage which can be easily built up to fuller coverage. 

It dries matte and I would generally not recommend this for people with dry skin as it can accentuate flakiness and dry areas. I powder my T-zone because it is very oily and avoid powdering the rest of my face as I am prone to dryness. It lasts for around 5 hours before it begins to disintegrate which is not bad for a drugstore foundation. I find applying this with any foundation brush gives the same finish, but a buffing brush gives the most even finish with really good coverage.

What I like:
  • good coverage
  • blends amazingly
  • lasts a decent time
  • good colour range for warm undertones
  • not overpriced 
  • a pump to dispense product

What I dislike:
  • accentuates dryness and large pores unattractively (I use a good primer to combat this)
  • no sun protection (no SPF)
  • very runny

Overall, I find when I want to use a drugstore foundation I'm always reaching out for this one from my foundation collection because of its overpowering good qualities and ease in application.

I hope this post was beneficial and thank you for reading :)

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