Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Comfortable, pinless hijab ft. Hazanah's Instant Hijab

Hello loves! I hope you're all doing well, can you believe it's already September? I'm still coming to terms with how fast this summer has gone by subhanAllah.

Anyway, as hijabis (and if you're not a hijabi & have tried on a hijab) you may have noticed it can get quite annoying to pin your scarf underneath your neck. It's either uncomfortable, or something happens to the pin and your hijab doesn't stay in place. What about those days when you're in a hurry to go somewhere but you can't seem to find your damned safety pin!? I've had all of these problems and trust me they're really annoying as I'm sure you'll all agree.

A Holland-based hijab company called Hazanah have tried to tackle this problem by creating this ever so useful 'instant' hijab. How many pins you'll need? None. The part of the hijab in which you would typically pin underneath your chin is already sewn for you! I was a little sceptical about this but upon receiving it and trying it out I was happy to find out that it was neither too loose or too tight around my face, it also helps that the material is a little stretchy.

The hijab is of a jersey mix, not a completely stick-on-your-face jersey and not too voluminous. It's size is perfect for volume (maxi), so girls who like their volume won't have a problem with it! It's soft and sits perfectly around your face. If you've seen most of my hijab tutorials you'll know I'm not a fan of using many safety pins in my hijab to begin with, and my signature hijab style (like shown in this photos) doesn't need a single pin (head over to my youtube channel to check out my tutorial on this style in 6 different ways). 

I'm not typically a wearer of pink but this soft shade of pink actually looks lovely on! Don't let your eyes deceive you :)

Unfortunately Hazanah do not yet have a website and function their sales via their instagram & email address so to check out this hijab and more follow them on @hazanahstore and for any enquiries or orders email them at hazanahonline@hotmail.com.

Habiba xoxo