Saturday, 30 November 2013

Purple Love: Occasional Kaftans

Firstly I'd like to apologize for the horrible quality of the photos, as you might know all of my pictures are taken using my iPhone5 and the best pictures come out great when I'm outside in daylight. But lately I've been too busy to shoot within the short hours of daylight and the weather hasn't been great. I am planning on buying a camera very soon (within the next few months hopefully). 

Anyway, I've been sent two gorgeous and VERY purple kaftans recently and thought I'd combine them in one post. I find purple to be one of the best colours that suits yellow-toned warm skin-tones and tend to wear it a lot - as it matches all skin tones alike. These kaftans are very vibrant in colour and are blinged out to impress! Why not wear one to an upcoming party, wedding or prom? Here are the humble photos. 

Hijab is from Love Hijab, I have a review for them here if you'd like to see more info about that company.

Spice up your evening look with a bit of purple... or a lot ;)

Habiba x

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Autumnal makeup favourites + OOTD: Casual & Sleek

Hello everyone! I really apologize for the lack of posts lately - I've been so overrun with uni work and assignments. I have many posts yet to come including a few reviews, my daily skincare routine & current favourite makeup bits and bobs. How does that sound? Also, you can always request a post of your choice. Simply contact me via the contact form on the right hand-side of my blog or comment underneath this post :)

This is a very simple outfit which brings together some of my favourite clothing pieces of the month. The makeup also is my favourite November look - smokey brown and natural. Read on for more info!

Hijab decided to do something funny here..

Hijab: Bank (it's a jersey scarf with fringes - initially an  infinity scarf but I cut it up - a current absolute favourite!)

Long grey sleeveless shirt: H&M

Coat: New Look (I get compliments on this coat wherever I am - strangers are always asking me about it- great quality, comfortable and great for this weather)

Skirt: Ebay

Shoes: H&M

Infinity woolly scarf:

Makeup: This autumn I've been loving a brown natural smokey, I usually pat on a mid-town matte brown shadow on the lid and blend it outwards above the crease (from Stila 'happy ever after' palette) I also sometimes blend in a dark brown through the crease. Or if I'm in a hurry I'll use the Maybelline colour tattoo in 'On and on Bronze' which is a gorgeous shimmery brown and lasts all day! For eyebrows I'm currently having a love affair with HD Brows kit in 'Foxy' (I think this affair might go on to something serious!). A phenomenal product; lasts all day and colour pigment is amazing. For lips I have been mixing my favourite nude 'Yash' by Mac with Sleek's 'Vamp' to create a gorgeous neatral brownish/reddish/nudish colour, it's not very clear in the above photos. My favourite blushes are featured in the Sleek Blush-by-3 palette in the shade 'sugar' - amazing autumnal colours with stunning pigment and alternating textures.

I hope you enjoyed this post, many more are to come! :)

Habiba Da Silva x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Beauty B November Selections Box Review

Beauty B are a UK based website that sell well-known international brands such as Ben Nye, Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, Sigma and many more as well as their own brand with free UK delivery. I've purchased many products in the past mainly from Coastal Scents, Sigma and a few Beauty B brushes. Delivery and customer service has been on point on all occasions! This month there are a few products which have been highlighted by the Beauty B team and they have chosen me to review them. Here are some photos and my thoughts on each product. 

First of all is this 'Make-Up-Matte'  which is a little handy square matte with pockets to put on the floor or whatever surface you use when applying makeup. It's funny because my mum is always nagging me to use something to put my makeup on because I work on my carpet. It's also very handy because you can put your brushes in the little pockets. The material is amazingly soft and even though its quite thick can be folded compactly. And the print is so pretty and hard to resist! (there are other patterns to choose from.)

This is the Coastal Scents concealer camouflage palette. As you can see it has 10 very versatile colours. I LOVE this palette, it's perfect for contouring and highlighting, and the coverage is amazing! I love using this for concealing any scarring or blemishes before applying foundation as it has full coverage and lasts so well. You don't need too much product to completely conceal scars/blemishes. Also, as I've already mentioned, it's great for cream contouring using the deeper colours. 

This is the Sigma tapered highligher brush (F35) an amazingly soft and perfectly shaped brush to get the highlight right at the top of the cheekbones. I've even used this for blush. Love this! 

This is the Beauty B brush cup holder, in the picture above it is closed up and can hold your brushes in - great for MUA's who travel as it can also be used as a brush holder when opened. 

This Coastal Scents glitter is the icing on the cake. This is an amazing product! Very minimal fall-out which is so surprising since its a loose glitter. It looked so vibrant on the lid and stayed looking immaculate for over 8 hours. (For more details on this look check out my instagram @lifelongpercussion) 

Overall I'm honesty impressed by all of the mentioned products and they've been a pleasure to use. Make sure you check out Beauty B for even more amazing products, I will always be a faithful customer - they are one of my favourite websites for buying makeup, especially brushes.

Check out Beauty B at:
Instagram: @beautybcosmetics


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Habiba xxx

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Project Akhirah & the Spoken Silence two-day event

As many of you (who follow me on Instagram) may have noticed I am involved in a non-profit organization called Project Akhirah - I will not bore you with a long introduction on them as you can read more about PA on their blog here with a touching introduction on the core members of the group (a must read). I first got involved with Project Akhirah when they had their first charity event in June of this year, we were initially only doing a blogger's meet & greet but then decided to organize  a whole fashion show as well (all organised in under 2 weeks only! You can only imagine how hectic it was). After the event I left them feeling very attached - the girls were lovely and their passion to do good really inspired me to keep in touch. Not only did we have a successful event and learn a lot more about becoming better people but I also made lovely friendships with genuine girls. Since then we've stayed in contact and met up for meetings to do bigger and better, and other meetings just for a nice warm chat. 

We are now drawing close to a big two-day event next Saturday & Sunday (16th/17th of November) - the first day will be a free-entry workshop day ranging from life-coaching and poetry to hijab and makeup tutorials. The second day will be a fundraising day with some inspiring performances. 

On the first day I will be holding a hijab tutorial & a makeup workshop. I will be showing you two of my most worn (and most asked about) hijab styles so make sure you come along to see it! And then I will be doing an everyday makeup tutorial with a few handy tips and tricks! It will be lovely to see you guys there - as many of you constantly ask me how I do this and how I do that and since I don't make YT videos this would be a great chance for some insight & answers to your many questions. 

Watch the following trailer for more information!

Follow Project Akhirah on Twitter: @project_akhirah - Instagram: @project_akhirah - or even email them at

For more questions or inquiries do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form or my email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Habiba xxx