Saturday, 30 November 2013

Purple Love: Occasional Kaftans

Firstly I'd like to apologize for the horrible quality of the photos, as you might know all of my pictures are taken using my iPhone5 and the best pictures come out great when I'm outside in daylight. But lately I've been too busy to shoot within the short hours of daylight and the weather hasn't been great. I am planning on buying a camera very soon (within the next few months hopefully). 

Anyway, I've been sent two gorgeous and VERY purple kaftans recently and thought I'd combine them in one post. I find purple to be one of the best colours that suits yellow-toned warm skin-tones and tend to wear it a lot - as it matches all skin tones alike. These kaftans are very vibrant in colour and are blinged out to impress! Why not wear one to an upcoming party, wedding or prom? Here are the humble photos. 

Hijab is from Love Hijab, I have a review for them here if you'd like to see more info about that company.

Spice up your evening look with a bit of purple... or a lot ;)

Habiba x