Saturday, 9 November 2013

Project Akhirah & the Spoken Silence two-day event

As many of you (who follow me on Instagram) may have noticed I am involved in a non-profit organization called Project Akhirah - I will not bore you with a long introduction on them as you can read more about PA on their blog here with a touching introduction on the core members of the group (a must read). I first got involved with Project Akhirah when they had their first charity event in June of this year, we were initially only doing a blogger's meet & greet but then decided to organize  a whole fashion show as well (all organised in under 2 weeks only! You can only imagine how hectic it was). After the event I left them feeling very attached - the girls were lovely and their passion to do good really inspired me to keep in touch. Not only did we have a successful event and learn a lot more about becoming better people but I also made lovely friendships with genuine girls. Since then we've stayed in contact and met up for meetings to do bigger and better, and other meetings just for a nice warm chat. 

We are now drawing close to a big two-day event next Saturday & Sunday (16th/17th of November) - the first day will be a free-entry workshop day ranging from life-coaching and poetry to hijab and makeup tutorials. The second day will be a fundraising day with some inspiring performances. 

On the first day I will be holding a hijab tutorial & a makeup workshop. I will be showing you two of my most worn (and most asked about) hijab styles so make sure you come along to see it! And then I will be doing an everyday makeup tutorial with a few handy tips and tricks! It will be lovely to see you guys there - as many of you constantly ask me how I do this and how I do that and since I don't make YT videos this would be a great chance for some insight & answers to your many questions. 

Watch the following trailer for more information!

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Habiba xxx