Sunday, 17 March 2013

My Current Favourite Moisturiser featuring Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream

Salaam/Good afternoon my lovely readers, apologies for the super long title; it had to be done.

SO this is a review/run-through my discovery of this cream and what it has done to my skin. Just to be clear, my skin type is dry/combination, in the past my skin has been very dry and now its less dry and a little oily. I get oily in my T-zone and get extremely dry around my mouth area and around my nose. You can say that the rest of my face is 'normal'. On top of all that I have sensitive and spot-prone skin, so yes, I really do suffer when trying out new skincare products or regimens. But I will be writing a lot of posts on how I counteract all of these problems to maintain skin that is 'at bay'. So as you can already tell, it's really hard for me to find the perfect moisturiser (or skin products in general) that caters for all of my skin problems, and I know there are many girls out there who suffer like I do and more. I'm here to help ;)

One night me and my lovely Fatima who is also a new blogger (check out her blog here) were discussing skincare products we use, and she recommended the Oilatum cream, we decided she'd show me where to get it when we went shopping together the following week. However, the next day, I was recommending my Uni friend some makeup products at Boots (drugstore) and as we walked to the till I spotted a 'clearance' shelf which I hadn't seen before. The Oilatum cream sat there beaming at me with a £3.30 tag instead of it's usual £7.65. I didn't think twice. 

OK, enough story telling, now onto the actual product. Let's see what is said about the product first.
  • Oilatum Natural Face Cream penetrates deeply to rehydrate facial skin relieving tightness and irritation and leaving it feeling smooth.
  • Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream is an innovative new therapy specially formulated to intensively nourish and help repair your skins natural barrier. 
  • Oilatum Natural Face Cream is suitable for dry and sensitive skin and is free from fragrances, preservatives and emulsifiers.

For the past week the area around the corners of my lips has been so dry and flaky, nothing was working, it was so bad that it hurt to open my mouth and it was extremely tight. Having persistent flaky skin and then applying foundation on top does NOT look good, it just accentuates the dryness and makes the condition worse. My safflower oil wasn't working and neither was my current moisturiser (Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Hydrating Complex Cream). From the first day of using the Oilatum Natural Repair face cream the flakiness was GONE, the dryness was GONE, the tightness was absolutely nonexistent. I just had a bit of pigmentation where the skin was broken. On top of that, it made my skin as smooth as a baby's bottom. It did not irritate my broken skin and it healed it instantly. I agree with all of the product's claims. I think this would be very suitable for those suffering with eczema too. I use this as a night cream and I try not to get it anywhere near my T-zone and chin. 

I hope this was beneficial  Thank you for reading and THANK YOU SO MUCH FATIMA for recommending this God-send product. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Shukran. 

Any questions or enquiries email or comment below :)

Habibaaa xxx