Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mehron Celebré HD Pro Cream Makeup REVIEW + swatches

Evening all! This is one of many foundation reviews I will be doing, as I am a massive foundation addict and like to try all kinds of them. This foundation is very different to any other that I've tried in many aspects, mainly because it is a theatrical based makeup with no SPF, high colour pigmentation percentage etc. Even Wayne Goss raves about it. So, let's get cracking!

What Mehron says about this product: 
"Mehron, the extreme beauty leader, is proud to introduce Celebré PRO-HD Makeup Foundation. This latest innovative product is the result of collaborative efforts by the chemists in Mehron’s product development lab along with input from a select group of highly acclaimed makeup artists. Celebré PRO-HD Makeup Foundation is an oil-free and fragrance-free cream makeup that delivers satin-smooth, buildable coverage that is non-greasy and great for all skin types. Our experienced chemists formulatedCelebré PRO-HD to be buildable to suit the amount of coverage needed. It contains powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E, pomegranate and aloe vera that help soothe the skin.

Renowned industry makeup artists worked with the experts at Mehron to create an impressive array of colors to accommodate all skin tones. The results of their efforts is a perfect range of colors that will be sold individually for consumers or in a 20 color palette for professional makeup artists. From fashion runways and HD-TV to everyday wear, Celebré Pro-HD works for every occasion and on all skin types and colors."

What I say:

I am pretty much in love with this product. No joke. I have never actually used a cream foundation before (except for the Sleek créme to powder foundation which I actually use to contour as I find contour powders look muddy on my skin) and I always thought they were too thick and hard to apply, but I was very pleasantly surprised by this foundation. This product was created for theatrical/HD purposes which is why it lacks SPF which makes it much more photo-friendly (your face doesn't look ghostly white when you take photos using flash/does not reflect light) I love this property because I can always wear a moisturizer with SPF underneath (my primer has SPF anyway). It blends like a dream, it is so smooth and emollient; literally melts into your skin. Honestly! I have been using a buffing brush by Beauty B, I only need to dab the brush into the foundation twice/thrice for my entire face (medium coverage)  and it blends the foundation into my skin seamlessly. 

I was quite skeptical when selecting a shade to match my skin, I searched all over the internet for swatches and reviews because the colours given in the shade chart look really off.

But then I found this blog which has a swatch for every single colour available. I initially picked the shade ME1 but then felt it might be too light so then I also bought Eurasia Japonais. Here are the swatches:
Eurasia Japonais, ME1

Eurasia Japonais (mind the grubbiness)

On my face, ME1 is slightly lighter than my winter skintone, I'd say it is around an NW15/20 (I'm NC25 in Mac) with pink/neutral undertones and Eurasia Japonais is around NC30 which is slightly too dark for me but very yellow toned! Which I absolutely love. I'm very happy that I got these two shades, because they look perfect on my skin when mixed together, I do look slightly more tanned but I'm currently loving the tan look anyway. To make them both work on my face I first apply ME1 under my eyes and upper cheeks (basically the middle area of my face) and also anywhere else where the skin is usually highlighted; nose, chin, center of forehead etc. Then I apply Eurasia Japonais in the gaps and blend blend blend! the finish is very very flawless, pores are invisible, scars are invisible, skin looks perfect and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all! It definitely gives a very satin finish which doesn't sit very well with my oily T-zone. I just powder my face using a translucent powder and I'm done! It lasts around 5 hours with no touching up, I start to get a little oily around my T-zone and just powder it to get rid of that little issue. I don't recommend this for people with extremely oily skin as it's very emollient and will probably slip off your skin within hours. And for those with dry skin I would advise you make sure your skin is well moisturized beforehand as this foundation can accentuate dryness unattractively. It has medium coverage if you use a very little amount, but can be layered for fuller coverage or mixed with a moisturizer for less coverage.

 I was about to buy it from the Mehron website but it had extra international shipping (it's an American based company) so then I did a bit of research and found a theatrical seller on eBay (click here for link), including shipping each cost £10.99 which is cheaper than many drugstore foundations that wouldn't even amount to the quality of this product. For makeup artists you can also buy a palette with full sizes of all the shades too which is very useful as these foundations are perfect for photoshoots and catwalks. 

All in all I am very impressed with this foundation and will definitely be repurchasing as soon as mine finish.

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