Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Egg Face Mask Recipe

Good evening all :) today I'm going to be going into detail on a face mask I fell in love from first trying it out around nine months or so ago, and even though now I tend to lean towards masks from drugstore or high end brands, I still believe that masks and scrubs made from ingredients found in your kitchen are much more beneficial. I have many different recipes ranging from a green tea scrub to an oat scrub taking less then five minutes to make with very little ingredients. So if you're interesting in any other recipes please let me know!

So today it's all about eggs, some people who hear me talk about my yogurt masks or my egg masks often look at me in disgust. No, the eggs don't smell. This egg mask is filled with proteins which really nourishes the skin. After one use of this mask your skin will feel firmer and plumper, it gives a beautiful glow to your skin. For those with oily skin, this mask is perfect as it soaks up all of the dirt and sebum from your pores and shrinks them substantially. For those with drier skins, you can easily add a teaspoon of honey to give the skin extra radiance and moisture. You can also mix it up entirely by adding yogurt (moisturizes skin), honey and rosewater (natural cleanser/toner) or lemon juice (helps fade scarring). 

  1.  Separate an egg into two small bowls. 

(My egg yolk sort of broke)

2.    Whisk the whites using a fork for just over a minute/ until you start seeing little bubbles forming on the surface. 

3.   Now you can either apply the whisked whites (alliteration intended) straight on your face [using a brush or just your fingers] or you can go ahead and mix in any ingredient you think your skin needs; i.e. Yogurt/honey/lemon juice/rose water. 

4.   Leave it on your face until it dries which takes around 15/20 minutes depending. As soon as it dries and starts to crack around your mouth area wash it off with warm water, pat your face dry using a towel and feel your skin.

There you have it :) four easy steps for an amazing mask using products straight out of your kitchen. Now, you might be wondering what would happen to the egg yolk, as soon as you finish the whites mask, you can go ahead and do the same thing using the yellow bit. The main benefit for the yolk to your skin is moisture and brightening. Also, I usually add a drop of olive oil for that extra moisture for my often thirsty skin. 

And if there is any left over, you can just fry them!

For any more recipes for your face, please ask :) 

Habiba x