Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I love Afrobeats TAG

Hellerr hellerrr helllerrrrrrr my flowers :P How're you all doing? So a few days ago I mentioned something about doing an 'I love Afrobeats' tag video, on instagram. I chose to do a blogpost instead, becauseeee;

1. I barely have time to film lately
2. I know I'll be a complete haramy and not control myself from dancing and making a fool of myself

However I still wanted to do this very fun tag so here it is! In blog format :D

Background info and disclaimer: I've been listening to Afrobeats for over 5 months now, it's my favourite genre because it's so positive and upbeat & I love catchy music that makes me want to dance. Most (if not all) the songs I listen to are either Ghanaian or Nigerian, but there are many other types of Afrobeats from other West/Central/East African countries. 

[TAG created by LydiasMadness on youtube]

1. Who is your favourite artist? Currently it's Brymo (amongst many); I love his voice (he has that deep dark melting chocolate voice) and his music style is so catchy and meaningful. I also love how he became an artist from absolutely nothing.

Some of my favourite songs:

Other artists I'm fond of are Dammy Krane, Olamide, Wizkid,  Wande Coal, 9ice, Fuse ODG, Bisa Kdei and Terry G (the list goes on..)

2. What are your favourite Azonto songs? Ahhh, I love the azonto! I can sit and watch dance routines on YT for hours on end. Azonto music is so upbeat and catchy. Here are a very few from many;

3. What are your favourite bum bum shake songs?
Has to be the following;

[Bottom line: Timaya makes good bum shaking songs.]

4. Which song always makes you happy?

Trojan - Check your weight Always puts me in a good mood!

5. Which song always makes you cry?

I don't think any! Afrobeats always have a positive uplifting vibe. 

6. What are your favourite love songs?

7. What is the most embarassing song in your playlist?

I don't find any of them embarassing :P you could be the judge of that...

8. What are your favourite songs right now?

R2bees ft Wande Coal - Kiss your hand

Blackmagic - Repete

May D ft P-Square - You Want to Know me

Dammy Krane - My Dear (all time favourite)

Davido - Aye

9. Which song describes you best?

Fuse ODG - Million Pound Girl *blushes*


I hope you enjoyed this post and listened to something you might like!

Habiba x