Saturday, 14 June 2014

mermaids, jaguars and the hummingbird

I don't post much of my creative work for copyright reasons but here's something! 

These fingers roll into knuckles,
And the humming bird pierces my ear,
They surround me like mermaids
Singing a tune I longed to hear:

Tears and fireworks and sorrys and maybes
confessions and stories that shuddered like crazy,
It went against their odor
Too sharp against the curve of their toes.

Still I stand inside
tongue twisting against itself,
Eyes shallow and burning,
fingernails rubbing against my palms
And still they stand before me:
These three Jaguars
paws mowing, scoring
reaching for me

Whilst Commitment starves,
nestled deep inside the hummingbird's intestines.