Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Sadoq Review

Hello all! I know it's been so so long, I've been so caught up in assignments. But fear not, as I'm very free at the moment and planning on doing a lot of damage to my blog! Haha. I'm also recently changing up my blog layout, let me know what you think of it.. ;)

So a few months ago I received two gorgeous quality hijabs - and I know I've stopped reviewing hijabs on my blog and instead just feature them on Instagram, but the quality of these are amazing (as well as so easy to wear) and the company owner is lovely and so patient, so I just couldn't help but write a post entirely for them! 

To purchase these and more gorgeous hijabs head over to the Sadoq website here,
you can also follow them on Instagram (@sadoqmuslimfashionwear) and if you need to you can contact them at info@sadoq.com.

Habiba Da Silva xxx