Saturday, 29 March 2014

Youtube, suggested blogposts & update.

Salaam ladies!
Those who follow my blog will now know that I've become so quiet on here and have been instead frivulously updating my youtube channel with videos every other week or so. I have been blogging for just over a year now and I don't plan on loosing the essence that I've instilled here. I would like your suggestions on future blogposts; maybe a discussion post, a how-to post, outfit photos or even 'face-of-the-day' posts with makeup details (I like the sound of that!).
As for the 'update' side of things I have currently been quite busy with University work: as some may know I study English & Creative writing (second year) and I'm currently drowning in my Multiculturalism and Life-writing assignments/groupwork. Yes I am 19 (until July 3rd :DDDDD) and no I do not whiten my teeth and never have done (current FAQ's answered.) How are you all doing? Anything interesting happen in your lives? I think the most interesting thing that's last happened in mine in the past few months is when I accidentally opened a UNISEX toilet on a man *sigh*.
Love always,

Habiba x