Sunday, 17 February 2013

First post: Gossiping with N

This is a poem I wrote a year ago when I was in college, me and my friend who is also a poet decided to sit on a computer and write a poem about one another on the spot, I wrote mine in like 5 minutes, and had to wait until the next day for her to 'perfect' hers. This is not a proper, structured poem, it's humorous banter. The reason I chose to use this poem in my first post is because it signifies some beginnings in my life. Hope you enjoy :)

She sits in front of me, eyes wide and wondering
Fingers clenching. Unclenching.
A soulful smile, twitching nose,
Cheeks full of colour.
She echoes beauty as she
Reminisces love,
Reminisces loss,
While I speak of devils,
She closes my words,
Envelopes them with a disappointed smile;
Eyebrows rising.
She laughs heartily.
I tell her of my thoughtless poetry,
She tells me of her failure to plan life ahead.
We discuss Indie;
Scorn Lana’s lips which we thought too artificial,
We imitate her affecting voice,
Adding higher notes, more words
Like my bedroom wall.